2True - Hot Pink

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2True - Hot Pink

Post by CatherinaAndrea on Mon Nov 01, 2010 2:43 pm

2True Hot Pink (Shade 21)

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First i want to say that i am totally in love with this color. I normally don't care much for pink, but this polish definitely turned that around for me. On the bottle it says Glossy and up to 5 day wear. Well, i think its save to say that the 5 day promise is fulfilled as i am wearing it for over a week now. Now that i think about it, i hardly ever wear the same color or design on my nails for longer than 3 to 4 days.
But ok, back to the polish. It comes in a 9ml bottle. The brush it not big, but its not tiny either. Lets just say that the brush is smaller than most of the polishes have. I found that to be a good thing, because it allowed me to get all the nail surface covered nice and easy, and also close to the skin without actually getting it on the skin.
I needed 2 coats, because when i put my nails in the light i could see through a bit. So the second coat fixed that nicely. Now the polish itself is very easy to manage, its not too runny or too thick, i think it has pretty much a perfect consistency. Pretty opaque with the first coat already, but i used 2 anyways.
The finish is glossy just as it says on the bottle, with a bit of shimmer going through it.

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