OPI & CG ... Shatter/Crackle Polishes

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OPI & CG ... Shatter/Crackle Polishes

Post by CatherinaAndrea on Sat Jan 15, 2011 8:42 am

OPI: Serena Grand Slam
OPI announces their release of Shatter polishes. They promise to be in stores by the end of january. They seem to only have a black shatter polish, however this is certainly going to be added to my collection ... I Can't Wait!!

China Glaze: Crackle Glaze
While we are on the subject of shatter polishes. China Glaze has their own collection of Crackle, as they call it, polishes. They seem to have a wider range of colors so that makes me even more excited. For this collection it is also said that it will be in stores in january, but there has not been a confirmation.


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