Water Marbling

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Water Marbling

Post by CatherinaAndrea on Mon Nov 01, 2010 2:11 pm

A little while ago i tried to do water marbling, just to see if i could get it looking good. Wink After several failed attempts i got it working. Not all polishes are working with this. I tried "Hot Looks", "2True", and "Miss Sporty" ... these 3 didn't work with water marbling. Then i tried "OPI" and "Avon" and they worked. Yay ... ok now with that solved i had another obstacle to get rid of. It is so damn hard to get the polish of your skin after dipping your nail into the water. So what i did was, i got a Q-tip and put some vaseline on it and rubbed it on my skin around my nail where the polish normally would get to.

So started off with white nail polish and a little tub of water (that i let there on the kitchen counter overnight to get to room temperature)

Vaseline on my skin lol and got the colors of my choice ready to go

Hover the polish brush over the water and let it gently fall on top of the water and spread. Then take the second color of your choice and do the same in the center of the first, and do the same over and over until you think you got enough of circles. I only had 2 different colors chosen, but you can go crazy with all the colors you want.
With a toothpick draw lines to create sort of patterns. don't dip too deep into the water, just touching the polish and dragging is enough.

After removing the polish of my skin, i only used polish remover on the stuck bits that didn't seem to mind the vaseline ... grr

I put some rhinestones along the lines of the colors, and this is my end result, which wasn't all too bad for a first try (with many fails Ops )

I hope you found this helpful if you want to try this as well, or just enjoyed reading this tutorial. This took me close to 30 minutes to type out with one hand, because the other one was taken over by the cat lol Miaow Very Happy

[ EDIT ]

Just as i finish and move a bit to get the blood back into my legs, he gets up, stretches, jumps off and lies down on the floor 5 inches away from his last spot. Huh


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