Cracked Polishes - Stores [Online]

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Cracked Polishes - Stores [Online]

Post by CatherinaAndrea on Wed Oct 20, 2010 8:15 am

Where can i buy Cracked or Crackle Polishes?

Here is a handy list of stores that sell Cracked or Crackle Polishes online. I added the prices and where they ship to, so it's easy to see what you can expect.

I found two brands that make these kind of polishes, so i divided the stores by brand.

This is their official site, and you can see the colors that they are offering.

Fashion Addict offers free postage and handling for international orders over $100.00!
Price: £2.87

Ebay: 30189388
Ships Worldwide. This seller has pretty much most color combos.
Price: AU $12.00 Approximately US $11.81

The official site from this brand. Go by pages on the left to see their colors.

Amazon [Nail Discount Store]
They only have a few colors on here.
Price: $6.50

Ebay: Starlightind
Ships Worldwide.
Price: $3.99

Pretty much all sites refer back to Amazon or Ebay for this polish.

[Edit]: I found another brand that does this cracked effect, but they call it "Graffiti".

If you have bought these polishes from online stores other than the ones i posted here, please let us know. Wink


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